Song lyrics

Writer(s) Title
Harold Jones & Mark Beam The Band played "Nearer my God to Thee"
Herman Hupfield As Time Goes By
Erik Satie & Dominique Bonnaud La Diva de l'Empire
Lillian Ray The Sunshine of Your Smile
Thurlow Lieurance Words J.M. Cavanass By the Waters of Minnetonka
Arthur Sullivan Words: W.S. Gilbert Little Maid of Arcadee
Benny Davis And Joe Burke Yearning (Just for You)
Joseph Howard Hello, Ma Baby
Moira and Ted Heath That Lovely Weekend
Lyrics: James D Daley , Music Franklin Ardelle Won’t You Come Over and Play Croquet
Maurice Abrahams Words: Grant Clarke & Edgar Leslie He’d have to get under – Get out and get under (To fix up his Automobile)