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Won’t You Come Over and Play Croquet

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Lyrics: James D Daley , Music Franklin Ardelle

Little Bessie Brown lived in a country town,
And she was just as lonesome as could be,
‘Cause other little girls
Had toys and dolls with curls.
She said “Papa, they’ll never play with me”.

So Daddy bought his pet
A little croquet set,
She tried but could not play the game alone
But on the other side
Of her back fence she spied
A little boy, then to him she did say:

Won’t you come over and help tramp down the clover,
And play croquet?
I’ll let you win every game that you are in
If you’ll say you’ll play.
We’ll each take a mallet and hit the ball hard
And then we will chase it all over the yard
If you will come over, help tramp down the clover,
And play croquet.

O’er the fence he came, then Bess taught him the game.
The little fellow never missed a day
For it was quite a treat
And funny way to meet
They learned to love each other while at play.

But days rolled into years. The Boy left Bess in tears.
She’d promised to become his wife one day
And though he left his home,
This wide, wide world to roam
In dreams he seems to hear his darling say:

Won’t you come over ….