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That Lovely Weekend

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Moira and Ted Heath

My darling, here's my letter,
I'm writing through my tears,
A few sweet words
To thank you for lovely souvenirs
Memories you gave me still echo in my heart,
I'll dream of them while we're apart.

I haven't said thanks for that lovely weekend,
Those two days of heaven you helped me spend,
The thrill of your kiss as you stepped off the train
The smile in your eyes like the sun after rain.

To mark the occasion we went out to dine,
Remember the laughter, the music, the wine;
That drive in the taxi when midnight had flown,
Then breakfast next morning, just we two alone.

You had to go, the time was too short,
We both had so much to say;
Your kit to be packed, the train to be caught,
Sorry I cried but I just felt that way.

And now you have gone, dear, this letter I pen;
My heart travels with you till we meet again.
Keep smiling, my darling, and someday we'll spend
A lifetime as sweet as that lovely weekend.