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Hello, Ma Baby

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Joseph Howard

I’ve got a little baby but he’s out of sight,
I talk to him across the telephone;
I’ve never seen my honey but he’s mine all right,
So take my tip and leave this guy alone.
Ev’ry single morning you will hear me yell:
‘Hey central, fix me up along the line’
She connects me to my honey, then I ring the bell
And this is what I say to baby mine:


Hello ma Baby,
Hello ma Honey,
Hello ma ragtime pal
Send me a kiss by wire,
Baby, my heart’s on fire.
If you refuse me,
Honey, you’ll lose me,
Then you’ll be left alone;
Oh Baby telephone and tell me I’m your own,
…. Hello,…. Hello, …. Hello there

This morning I discovered that his name was Des
He told me as we chatted on the phone.
I’m satisfied because I’ve got my guy’s address
But, if I ever get a dialing tone,
I am mighty scared ’cos if the wires ger crossed
‘T will separate from my baby mine
then some other girl will get him and my game is lost
so each day I shout along the line: