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Happy Frog and Hot Canary

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Tuesday, 1 March, 2011

This CD contains music that Aspidistra have particularly enjoyed playing over the last three years, with emphasis on works that are rarely recorded, two of them being The Happy Frog and The Hot Canary.

It is a charming CD, altogether delightful and played with Aspidistra’s usual flair and obvious enjoyment of the genre.

I defy anyone not to smile when listening to The Happy Frog. Andrew Pearce on violin makes a splendid canary and the overall sound of the group is assured and authentic.

It is good to hear the Haydn Wood pieces, Dreaming and I Love Your Eyes of Grey, and the CD ends with a spirited rendition of Leroy Anderson’s Fiddle Faddle.

Other delights include You’re Too Pretty to be True, Peter Kreuder and The Belle of Brazil by Edward Rubach.

The players are Andrew Pearce (violin), Zoltan Abbott (viola), Rosi Ward (piano) Roy Bell (flute/piccolo), Liz Menezes (violin/voice), Pippa Mason (cello), Adam Bakker (oboe/cor anglais) and Camilla Cutts (voice).

Hilary Ashton


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Reviewed In the Light Music Society Magazine Issue 51, Spring 2011

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