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Doug Meyer - Library Senior Specialist

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This is an embarrassingly belated note to thank you for the CDs! They arrived safely and promptly…. much more promptly than this reply.

Such beautiful playing and what terrific arrangements, at once light-hearted and lyrical -- nostalgic, but never maudlin. As I write this sentence, I’m enjoying your “Londonderry Air,” transported to a meadow in Ireland rather than sitting at my desk in a contemporary-industrial-design office. Ah, yes…. Thank you!

Sadly, I don’t know that we have many similar ensembles here, and we should have. In this area, music of this type seems to be most often played by large “Pops” orchestras that simply cannot capture the intimacy of a smaller ensemble such as yours.

Moreover, they rarely if ever play with the finesse or contagious enthusiasm that characterizes your music, perhaps because these pops orchestras are generally offshoots of symphony orchestras, and as such, the style is for the most part an avocation for the players.

Thanks so much for the music --

It really is great fun!

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Music Listening Room - Lovejoy Library, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

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