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Bunny Dexter of Bundex productions (2001)

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Monday, 1 January, 2001

We were very glad to have come across the CD of the Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra when we were editing "The Producer Prince" and were quick to chose it as the background music for our film. "The Producer Prince" is a documentary based on interviews with Prince Alessandro Tasca di Cuto, the son of an illustrious Sicilian family.

Born in 1906, he was brought up in the splendour of his forebear's baroque palaces. Sadly, his father squandered the family fortunes and died penniless in 1927.

Like many humbler Sicilians, Alessandro went to America to find a better future for himself and his grieving mother. Eventually he became an important producer in Hollywood. He worked with most of the early Hollywood stars and has many stories to tell.

The music of Aspidistra sets the scene perfectly. It complements the grandeur of the palaces of Alessandro's childhood and the faded sepia snaps in the family album. It also brings to life those hedonistic days of early Hollywood.

The tunes we picked for "The Producer Prince" soon got so imprinted on our brains that we found ourselves involuntarily humming them all day. The melodies just wouldn't let go of our subconscious but still we listen to the CD with great pleasure.

The Aspidistra will be playing at the launch of "the Producer Prince" on the 11th July 2001 in London.

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