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Concert in aid of the Osteoporosis Society

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Friday, 1 April, 2011

Our Viola Player Zoltan Abbott is running the London Marathon in aid of the Osteoporosis Society. This is our fundraising concert to help him on his way. The programme will include numbers from our latest CD Happy Frog & Hot Canary.

Tickets available from 07830 183139


På Vestlansk Bondestemna    Konrad Grimstad

Dreaming                               Haydn Wood

Happy Frog                           Rudolf Hanf

By the Sleepy Lagoon            Eric Coates

Waters of Minnetonka            Thurlow Lieurance

The Hot Canary                      Paul Nero

Romances de la Neva             Barnabás Bakos

Too Pretty to be True             Peter Kreuder

The Goosetrot                        Will Glahé

Donkey Serenade                   Rudolf Friml

Fra Fredriksværn                    Ole Bull

Over the Rainbow                   Harry Arlen