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Bank Holiday Afternoon Concert

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Monday, 27 May, 2019

Lauderdale House
Waterlow Park
Highgate Hill
London N6 5HG


This is the yearly concert where Aspidistra presents new discoveries from its exploration of the Palm Court Music Archives. The music that was popular a couple of generations ago but seems to have gone out of fashion. It is a perfect introduction to classical music for youngsters and refreshing change for veterans. Aspidistra has been praised for its lively interpretation of the genre.

The provisional programme includes:

  • Chant d'Amour - Franz Drdla
  • The Mosquito Parade  - Howard Whitney
  • Dancing Teddy Bear  - G.S. Mathis
  • Love-Light - Haydn Wood
  • Cafe Bonheur - Henry Krein
  • Mississippi Melody - Ernest Tomlinson
  • Loving You - Jack Yellen
  • Barn Dance - S.R Henry
  • Deuxièmme Serenata  - Enrico Toselli
  • The Hut Sut Song -  Leo Killion