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Bank Holiday Afternoon Concert

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Monday, 7 May, 2012

La Patrouillette  - Victor Sumkay

Lazy Night - Eric Coates

Intermezzo Americain - Julien Closset

Lucy Long  - Fred Godfrey

Herdsmaiden’s Dance - Hugo Alfvén

Moto Perpetuo -  Haydn Wood

When Budapest Was Young - André Milos

The Ragtime Bassplayer - Adolf Lotter

Drifting and Dreaming -   Egbert v. Alstyne, Erwin Schmidt

Whistling Rufus - Kerry Mills

Eventide - William Myddleton

Bugatti Step - Jaroslav Ježek

The Syncopated Clock -  Leroy Anderson

I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls - William Balfe

Russian Patrol - Reginald Tabbush

Stringing Along -  Eddie Towers

At The Codfish Ball - Lew Pollack

Blaze Away - Abe Holzmann