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Repertoire Suggestions

Submitted by Adam Bakker on Sat, 21/11/2020 - 6:37pm

This is the first post on our blog and we want to let you know that you can make use of this blog to give us ideas for new repertoire or make a requests for works in our current repertoire to be performed at our next concert.

Please bear in mind that it will take us a while to act on suggestions. The music we perform has a long incubation period because it can be very hard to find the sheet music for some titles and when we are successful in tracing a composition we usually still need to do a lot of work to adapt the score to our orchestration. Also, we set one week aside to look at new repertoire every year but this year our rehearsal week was cancelled because of the pandemic. So, we have backlog of pieces to try out.

Thanks for your support.



Any chance of including some of the many Victorian composers most of whom have been completely forgotten - such as Theo Bonheur (Charles Rawlings) - Steven Glover,Charles D'Albert,William Smallwood,Caroline Lowthian,Otto Roeder,Charles Coote,Felix Burns,Charles Godfrey -just to mention a few - In my opinion these composed very tuneful music which deservesto be heard again



We haven't played any works of these composers yet. Most of the music we perform is a little later but we will look out for them and if we find something suitable for small ensemble we will try it out.

Thanks for the suggestion.