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Please resubscribe to Aspidistra Newsletters

Submitted by webtester.asp on Mon, 21/05/2018 - 4:06pm

Message from Andrew Dolan (Webmaster) on behalf of Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra.

To all members of the Aspidistra emailing list:

Data protection law is changing on 25 May (this Friday). After that date we won't be able to contact you by email unless you tell us we can. So please resubscribe now by clicking the link below, which takes you to a page on the Aspidistra website where you can manage your Newsletter subscriptions.

Alternatively you can reply to this email and Adam will set it up for you.

You can always unsubscribe at any time either from the "Manage my subscriptions" link on the website or by clicking the unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of all the Newsletters.

On a much lighter note: we hope to see you next Monday (Bank Hol) for our concert at Lauderdale House. Full details including a link to our online booking page are given here:

Best wishes,

Andrew Dolan, Webmaster for Adam Bakker, Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra