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Song Lyrics

Writer(s) Song Title
Lyrics: James D Daley , Music Franklin Ardelle Won’t You Come Over and Play Croquet
Benny Davis And Joe Burke Yearning (Just for You)
Lillian Ray The Sunshine of Your Smile
Harold Jones & Mark Beam The Band played "Nearer my God to Thee"
Moira and Ted Heath That Lovely Weekend
Arthur Sullivan Words: W.S. Gilbert Little Maid of Arcadee
Erik Satie & Dominique Bonnaud La Diva de l'Empire
Maurice Abrahams Words: Grant Clarke & Edgar Leslie He’d have to get under – Get out and get under (To fix up his Automobile)
Joseph Howard Hello, Ma Baby
Thurlow Lieurance Words J.M. Cavanass By the Waters of Minnetonka
Herman Hupfield As Time Goes By
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