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Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra Concerts 2019

Submitted by Adam Bakker on Mon, 15/04/2019 - 12:39pm

Dear Friends,

We’ll meet again, … Same time, same place, … I hope.

The Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra would like to welcome you to Lauderdale House for its annual Bank Holiday Concert again. It will be on Monday 27th May 2019, starting at 2:30pm and we will be performing a new programme of music we (re)discovered in the last 12 months.

Unfortunately, we lost our complete mailing list due to a technical disaster and our News Letter is being circulated in a most haphazard manner this year. Please tell any of your friends who might be interested about it because it is unlikely they have received this News Letter even if they had one in previous years.

Tickets are available from our website and can be paid for online with PayPal or with a card.

Provisional Programme

  • Girls in Grey - Charles Williams
  • Chant d'Amour - Franz Drdla
  • Mosquito Parade - Howard Whitney
  • Dancing Teddy Bear - G.S. Mathis
  • Cafe Bonheur - Henry Krein
  • Mississippi Melody - Ernest Tomlinson
  • Loving You - Jack Yellen
  • Deuxiemme Serenata - Enrico Toselli
  • The Hut Sut Song - Leo Killion
  • Love - Light - Haydn Wood
  • Barn Dance - S.R. Henry
  • Hard Hearted Hannah - Jack Yellen
  • True Love - Albert Ketelbey

. . . . . . . And More Requests for the programme still welcome.

Other Concerts in 2019

This August Aspidistra will be travelling to Tuscany for a week of rehearsal and leisure. We are also planning to give a couple of concerts in the area.

  • Wednesday afternoon, 7th August 2019
    At Terme Tettuccio; The opulent Jugendstil Spa buildings in Montecatini, Tuscany, Italy.
    Time to be confirmed
  • Thursday afternoon, 8th August 2019:
    At Villa Bottini. Located within the city walls of the medieval town of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.
    Time to be confirmed
  • We also plan to busk somewhere in London during the Open Garden Square Weekend 8-9 June 2019. Keep an eye on our webpage if you are interested in this – . However, the programme is unlikely to differ much from the concert in May and the acoustics at Lauderdale house would guarantee a superior audience experience

We hope to see you 27th May at Lauderdale House.